Patient Financial Services (PFS) Revenue Cycle Assessments

Full revenue cycle workflow observation and detailed written reports on findings with best practice suggestions for improvement. HRG advisors have found that developing successful relationships requires a full understanding of the facility and its team members. This is best achieved through onsite observation and assessment. Our advisor will spend time learning the current workflow and identify areas for opportunity.

At the completion of the onsite assessment a summary is provided that includes the top actions that can be taken immediately and prior to the final detailed report. The written report includes a mechanism to implement rapid changes that will positively impact compliance and reimbursement.

PFS Revenue Cycle Assessment Areas of Observation

  • Contract review
  • Scheduling and pre-arrival
  • Patient access and financial counseling
  • Mid-revenue cycle
  • Business office: cash applications & denials
  • Revenue cycle compliance
  • Customer service

PFS Revenue Cycle Assessment Services

  • Implementation of workflow redesign
  • Leadership mentoring
  • Quality assurance monitoring
  • Report generation and discussion
  • Corrective action planning with accountability
  • Project management

PFS Revenue Cycle Assessment Benefits

  • Depth of industry expertise
  • Interim revenue cycle leadership support
  • Speed to market solutions
  • Onsite, offsite and online solutions
  • HRG has partnership with over 500 providers nationwide