Patient Financial Services - PFS 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can HRG help with billing and collections?

  • Yes! HRG assumes responsibility for managing all billing and collections. All initial and subsequent billing is accomplished with tight follow-up guidelines. This service is found in both our CBO and EBO service lines.

Does HRG Help WIth cash posting?

  • Yes! HRG will assure all payments and contractuals are properly posted, include zero pays, and cash projections and denial reports are provided. This service is found in our CBO service line.

Does HRG DO denial management?

  • Yes! All denials are tracked and reported indicating root cause. All appeals are also tracked and the recovery rate is reported. This service is found in both our CBO and EBO service lines.

...performance management & KPIs?

  • You bet we do! HRG will drive the performance of your PFS department to meet or exceed industry standards. Industry Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), especially AR days, denial rates, clean claim rates and cash collections will be monitored and published. We are pretty big fans of exceeding industry standards and reporting! This service is found in our CBO and PFS Consulting and Management services lines.

...advanced PFS reporting.

  • Oh boy do we! HRG believes if you are going to do a report, do it right and if you want to be doing it right you better be reporting on it. Our clients get a full package of robust reports monthly. The reports are highly informative and good enough to present to your financial committee or Board of Directors.


  • We do, but we call it OutPartnering™. We are very passionate about our OutPartnering™ Center and what it means for us to be your partner. We believe that a good outsourcing solution starts with a strong partnership and a strong partnership is achieved through exceptional communication.  Lately outsourcing has come to reflect a decline in ownership, quality, client delight and standard of service, all things we care very passionately about increasing at HRG. So we came up for our own term for outsourcing that better reflects our commitment to our clients and our passions, OutPartnering™.  HRG is an employee-owned, US based, company so our client’s success is our success, making our We take ownership of the services we provide, the quality of our work, our client's delight and their patients satisfaction and strive for the highest standard of service.  


  • We used to, but we discontinued that service line in 2015. The healthcare industry's needs have changed and we changed to better meet those needs. We have found that most facilities needs are better and more economically served with our OutPartnering™ solutions than staffing solutions.