Tillamook Adventist Hospital - Tillamook, OR

Walt Larson, CFO of Tillamook Adventist Hospital in Tillamook, Oregon interviewed by Kelly Ryan, Director of Business Development for Healthcare Resource Group. 


Tillamook has utilized HRG's onsite revenue cycle consultants since late 2012 including a Director of Patient Financial Services (PFS) and Business Office, Director of Patient Access, and a team of HRG revenue cycle support specialists. 



What prompted you to reach out to HRG for assistance directing several departments within your revenue cycle?

In 2012 we lost our Director of Business office and our Director of Patient Access. Due to potential changes in corporate Adventist Health strategy, and direction that would potentially trickle down to our facility, we were not comfortable hiring permanent replacements for the positions until we knew what direction we would be going and if these positions would still exist. HRG had a great reputation for providing quality, experienced resources so we reached out with the intent to hire temporary directors for the departments.

Were you satisfied with the quality of resources provided?

Very. Both directors brought a breadth of healthcare and system knowledge and experience to the role. More importantly, they were strong leaders that helped guide and grow the team during a complicated conversion and department growth. Over the past four (4) years we have significantly expanded our clinic business and both were able to work closely with management to grow and integrate the infrastructure to support this expansion.
Lastly, both director resources were very adept at coaching training and guiding employees, improving the departmental morale and positive attitude while working to integrate positions and the departments away from “silos” and more towards an overall team approach to the business operations.

Would you recommend HRG to other Healthcare Industry Leaders?

Most definitely. HRG’s revenue cycle experience brought us great value and continues to help us strengthen our existing infrastructure. I would recommend HRG to any provider seeking to shore up existing operations.

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