7 Tips to Find, Value, and Optimize Your Personality Traits

Anyone who has had to lead a team knows that personality plays a big role in team dynamics and communication style and can affect the success of the team.  


Building off the previous blog, “Who Are You?” we continue with the truth that before we can know how to manage others we must first know ourselves. The foundational component of discovering who you are is discovering your personality. 

When optimizing a team, it is important to identify the unique gift of each individual member and create an environment that celebrates similarities as much as differences. Each person has specific personality traits or ‘gifts’ that make them unique and valuable. In finding balance in each person’s strengths and weaknesses we help them become their best selves. In turn, when we find balance in between our strengths and weaknesses, we start to become our best self and a more effective leader.

Balance is composed of humility and value. Through awareness and perspective, we learn to value ourselves and others correctly.  Much like yoga or skateboarding, it looks easy, but it takes dedication and skill development to achieve the perfect balance.


Here are two prime examples of balance struggles: 

  1. Overvaluing one’s “gifts” and undervaluing the unique gifts of others. This can lead to overlooking areas that need improvement and bulldozing others by not correctly valuing their gifts.  This can stunt personal growth and negatively impact others. 
  2. Putting too heavy of a focus on areas of weaknesses and not acknowledging and fostering personal strengths. Focusing only on the areas needing improvement can cause a devaluation of all abilities and lack of confidence needed to excel.


I can personally identify with the latter. For many years I was so focused on only the areas that needed improvement and it ended up negatively effecting my work relationships, hindering my own self-growth and my ability to foster growth in others.  My laser-like focus for improvement was a result of unpleasant interactions with others resulting in conflict.  You may be able to relate to having to interact with personality types that push your buttons and cause tense, conflict driven situations.  This is natural, and ironically this can happen with those we have the most traits in common with. Our likenesses highlight our dual inability to figure ourselves and the other person out.  In this situation, our efforts to work out a solution can regularly fail, which usually leads to strategies of avoidance and in the most extreme, changing branches or even jobs.

In our new job or location though, we inevitably run into another person with those same traits and the entire process starts over leading to us feeling like we are caught in a groundhog day loop of misery.  In understanding who we and others are, we begin to learn how to navigate these situations better and even begin to learn to value those personality types. When you balance your view with an understanding that each personality type has value, communication will become more productive and respectful.

When starting my journey to better understand my personality to be able to better appreciate and optimize my team’s unique personalities, I did not expect that I would also come to better appreciate my own unique personality traits. When I started giving myself the same respect and chances I fought to give my team I started noticing the same positive, personal growth in me that I was creating in my team.

Here are my 7 Tips to Find, Value and Optimize Your Personality Traits

About Our Industry Expert and Author:

Jim Heilsberg



Jim has over twenty years of healthcare industry experience, spanning an entire career, beginning with computer system development and rising into executive leadership.  As Chief Financial Officer of a Critical Access Hospital, he raised revenue from $1.5 million to $30 million throughout the course of his tenure and holds several certifications, including CPA and FHFMA and is an active member of Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) as well as other key healthcare organizations. 

HRG’s optimization team specializes in revenue cycle consulting and management for healthcare providers. HRG uses a holistic approach by assessing all areas of a department or revenue cycle and creating customized solutions to best optimize a facilities people, processes, and technology.

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