IHS - Indian Health Services

HRG provides the customized tools needed to make quality, sustainable healthcare for American Indians and Alaska Natives a reality.

For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other.
— Millard Fuller

HRG is passionate about providing the tools healthcare providers need to keep communities healthy. We collaborate with IHS facilities and Tribal entities to grow and strengthen teams, departments, facilities, and community.

If connectedness is the chief difference between rural and urban areas, then technology and other communication goals rise to the top of the list.
— Brad Lubben

Extend care far beyond your doors and stay connected with rural patients. HRG's client-centric technology bridges the communication gap in revenue cycle management by seamlessly integrating with hospital systems (RPMS, Cerner, Dentrix, etc.), connecting you to our secure online portal, and providing continuous status updates.

We change the world when we simply meet the needs of another.
— Kristen Welch

We take care of the health of your revenue cycle so you can take care of the health of your patients. We collaborate to streamline your existing process to achieve best practices, quality, and compliance standards to eliminate risk and increase patient satisfaction. 

The implementation of sustainable practices at the IHS is shaped by federal laws and regulations; however, the concept is at the heart of the IHS Mission: to raise the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level.
— Gary Hartz, IHS Chief Sustainability Officer

HRG is committed to elevating the holistic health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level. Every employee-owner at HRG is invested in the success of our IHS and Tribal clients and our partnership approach provides real results. HRG's team of multi-credentialed specialists and experienced trainers enhance and support your team of professionals. 

third-party billing

account follow-up

cash posting

denial management

claim edit maintenance

Early Out Self-Pay

policies and procedure review

chargemaster review

HIS conversion assistance

aged AR account resolution

AR wind downs

customizable collection projects

denial management

client-directed offsite staffing

comprehensive assessment

corrective action plan

customized training

interim operations management

leadership mentoring

quality assurance monitoring

robust report generation


facility coding

professional fee coding 

full or partial outsourcing

remote staff augmentation

DNFB management

denial management

claim scrubber and edit resolution

policies and procedures optimization

retrospective audits

compliance risk factors resolution solutions

coder education

HIM denial management

CMS compliance assessment

compliant reimbursement validation

establish KPIs

ICD-10 optimization

CDI program customization and implementation  

physician education and training

medical staff buy-in and incentive strategies

CDI resource creation

program performance monitoring

denial reviews - right of appeal letter preparation

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