Self-pay has become an important component in today's collection process, especially with patient deductibles steadily increasing. Healthcare Resource Group (HRG) understands the ever-evolving landscape of self-pay, and is equipped with industry leading technology and a patient-financial-counselor approach.

HRG Client Results

  • 45 second or less average speed to answer

  • Less than 2.3% bad debt after HRG works accounts

  • Only 0.12% of calls in 2018 have had to be escalated to supervisors




  • account management

  • patient support

  • 24/7 user-friendly multi-channel patient payment options

  • tailored outbound call campaigns

  • multilingual contact center (currently HRG has 5 bi-lingual team members)

  • payment plan administration

  • charity care maintenance

  • monthly statement distribution

  • guarantor-based billing for family accounts

Comprehensive Solutions

  • no-scoring account contact

  • real people, no robots, live calls

  • hospital branding on all messages and materials

  • inbound calls, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and online payment portal

  • all calls recorded

  • 835 file creation

  • dedicated quality assurance (QA) team

  • daily client account notation uploads

  • state-of-the-art reporting package


  • 23% collection increase typical

  • contingency-based transparent pricing - no hidden fees

  • statement costs and printed inserts included

  • increased patient satisfaction

  • seamless integration with business office

  • patient security

The HRG Quality Difference

HRG's self-pay industry experts are FDCPA, TCPA, PCI, HIPAA compliant.  Our team uses a
financial-counselor approach to help patients understand and meet their financial obligations.
All of our representatives are payer and revenue cycle experts. We keep your patients satisfied and delighted.

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  • 4 ways Early Out Self-Pay pays off

  • importance of providing a pleasant patient experience

  • how to remove the obstacles in recovering your revenue

  • importance of having multi-channel payment and communication platform

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