Self-pay has become an important component in today's collection process, especially with patient deductibles steadily increasing. Healthcare Resource Group (HRG) has offered Early Out Self-Pay solutions since 2003. We understand the ever-evolving landscape of self-pay, and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, quality assurance, and a patient-centric approach to provide the highest level of customer service.

HRG Client Results

  • 45 second or less average speed to answer

  • Less than 2.3% bad debt after HRG works accounts


  • calls per hour = 10


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  • 4 ways Early Out Self-Pay pays off

  • importance of providing a pleasant patient experience

  • how to remove the obstacles in recovering your revenue

  • importance of having multi-channel payment and communication platform

Comprehensive Solutions

  • no-scoring account contact

  • real people, no robots, live calls

  • hospital branding on all messages and materials

  • inbound calls, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and online payment portal

  • 100% of calls recorded and flagged

  • 835 file creation

  • dedicated quality assurance (QA) team

  • daily client account notation uploads

  • state-of-the-art reporting package


  • account management

  • patient support

  • 24/7 user-friendly multi-channel patient payment options

  • tailored outbound call campaigns

  • multilingual contact center (currently HRG has 5 bi-lingual team members)

  • payment plan administration

  • charity care maintenance

  • monthly statement distribution

  • guarantor-based billing for family accounts

The HRG Quality Difference

HRG's self-pay industry experts are FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, PCI, HIPAA, 501(r) compliant.  Our team uses a financial-counselor approach to help patients understand and meet their financial obligations.
All of our representatives are payer and revenue cycle experts with experience in all HIS systems. We have the ability to integrate hospital and clinic accounts into one statement as just one of the ways we keep your patients stress-free, satisfied and delighted.


  • contingency-based transparent pricing - no hidden fees

  • statement costs and printed inserts included

  • increased patient satisfaction

  • seamless integration with business office

  • patient privacy and security

HRG Industry-Leading Self-Pay Technology

Helix AI™ — HRG’s proprietary technology complements existing patient accounting systems by more efficiently driving statement and call workflow and ensuring your HIS system remains system of record.

Patient Experience Customizer™ - Advanced customization capabilities allows you to choose the level of detail you want to provide on statements, customize the look to the unique needs of your organization and provide tailored text campaigns and statement inserts.

Patient Concierge Solutions — This allows patients to select the communication channels that best meets their needs including: phone calls, text messages, email reminders, pay by phone IVR, paper statements or electronic statements.

Verified Contacts — We detect missing key demographic data and USPS mail returns to perform an automated skip trace and launch an agent phone verification to increase right-party contacts.

Voice Optimizer — HRG software records 100% of HRG inbound and outbound calls, listens for specific voice tones and keywords, to flag calls that require increase coaching. This technology enables us to deliver the most robust quality assurance program in industry.

Patient Solution Portal — This allows patients to make one time payments, select a payment plan, select prompt pay discounts all configurable based on your financial policies. In addition, patients can select paperless billing, auto payment and text or email reminders.

Eligibility Maximizer — Our team utilizes HRG Bot technology to automatically check for new and retro Medicaid eligibility at the time an account is assigned a self-pay financial class and prior to bad debt recommendation.

Helix Integrated Data Control™ — Our Data Control center and proprietary software makes it simple for HRG clients to interface between their systems and HRG own for secure, automated transmission of business data files.

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