Data Control Specialist

Job Location: Spokane Valley, WA


Position Summary

The Data Control Analyst is primarily responsible for transfer and manipulation of data to and from HRG and our clients. Accuracy and completeness, as well as attention to detail, are of paramount importance. 

 The Data Control Analyst will build automation, monitor and log in remotely to many different clients and systems, run pre-built reports and queries to extract data from some clients or pick up pre-generated data, transfer it to our servers, edit, audit, transform and perform quality control inspection of data files.


What HRG Offers

  • Competitive compensation and referral bonuses

  • Career growth opportunities

  • Employee ownership

  • HRG paid retirement plan - Employee Stock Ownership Program

  • Benefits: medical / dental / vision / prescription / supplemental / wellness program

  • PTO, sick days and paid holidays

  • Great company culture



  • Develops and maintains a thorough understanding of all clients’ data extracts and HRG Proprietary Database

  • Develops and maintains a thorough understanding of Helix/Self Pay Database logic with regards to importing client files

  • Ensures daily client file pulls are timely, accurate, and complete; multi-tasking, running different processes at the same time on different computers in different windows

  • Able to, and interested in, learning more and new systems all the time as our client base changes and systems are upgraded and improved

  • Communicates with Management Level and above any client issues that arise, works collaboratively towards resolution with client/project teams

  • Provides accurate and timely completion of all other tasks assigned by Management/Executive Management/C-Level

  • Highly organized, punctual and reliable


  • Two-year degree in healthcare, information services or equivalent experience

  • Minimum 1-year developing in Python, VBA (For Excel), and/or SQL for SQL Server

  • Experience with various automation software

  • Adaptable to change and highly resilient

  • Happy with challenges to meet daily, weekly and monthly

  • Can take “other duties as assigned” in stride, with pride, as our business rapidly grows and changes

  • Ability to start between 1:00 AM-2:30 AM


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