Our Mission

Setting the industry standard for healthcare revenue cycle services and enabling our clients to thrive in their mission of patient centered care.

HRG Culture & Our Passions

The employee-owners and leaders who have made Healthcare Resource Group (HRG) successful have done so with a spirit of passion for the work they do. We are about working hard and providing unprecedented client delight. This passion is what makes us successful and helps us build our signature HRG culture. Growth will continue in this same spirit so the work we do remains meaningful and makes a difference for our clients.

Passion is at the core of all our value statements, which are aptly called our passions.


Acting with owner accountability and transparency is a wonderful byproduct of employee-ownership. HRG employee-owners strive to do the right thing, uphold the highest ethical and professional standards, and maintain open and honest communication; earning trust in everything we do. We own our actions, correct our mistakes, and learn from our experience.

Client Delight

Exceeding client expectations and delivering the unexpected, drives client satisfaction. Success is all about exceptional client service. Client delight may be difficult to measure or quantify, but you know you’ve achieved it when it happens.


It is HRG’s goal to astound our clients with the quality and timeliness of our services.  Action and decisiveness are valued, as we’ve learned to be nimble and recognize opportunity. We endeavor to be proactive, looking ahead in order to prevent issues before they arise.

Collaboration (Teamwork)

Everyone at HRG makes a difference and their contributions are valued.  We take joint responsibility through teamwork and support and rely on each other in order to succeed.  We reach our goals by empowering employee-owners to work collaboratively. 


A new method or idea can originate from every level of the company through employee-owners empowered to act on inspiration that touches any or all of HRG’s pillars:  people  |  process  |  technology. HRG promotes organic innovation that increases client delight, profit, and HRG’s standing in the industry. HRG employee-owners are encouraged to present ideas, big picture or smallest detail, because innovation requires action; otherwise it remains just an idea.


HRG works to create a respectful and meaningful workplace, characterized by honest, direct, and relevant communication.  We promote an environment where people are valued and rewarded based on their commitment to excellence and innovation.


At HRG we promote an environment characterized by continuous learning, a can-do spirit, and a team framework.  We watch our people soar as they continually seek to improve our services and expertise.


If our employee-owners are happy and enjoy their work, they’ll excel and our clients will feel the difference. We value a supportive, laughter-filled environment where people support one another and know how to have fun.

We're In It Together

As an employee-owned company, every worker shares in our success and is therefore committed to doing the best job they can possibly do, which greatly benefits our clients, as well.

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