Healthcare Resource Group (HRG) recognizes that developing successful relationships requires a full understanding of each facility and its team members. We achieve successful relationship management and open communication through: side-by-side collaboration, interfacing with your teams both onsite and in virtual environments and, by personalizing our approach to fit your needs.

HRG's team has the experience and knowledge needed to offer expert Patient Financial Services (PFS) consulting and management services. Our team is also equipped to develop customized educational programs and one-on-one training based upon your organization's unique needs.

Patient Financial Services (PFS) Consulting & Management


  • Comprehensive revenue cycle assessment

  • Optimization of your patient access department

  • Workflow redesign and implementation

  • Interim operations management

  • Policy and procedure creation and compliance review

  • Customized training and education

  • Leadership mentoring

  • Quality assurance monitoring

  • Report generation and discussion

  • Corrective action planning with accountability

  • Project management


  • Revenue cycle workflow observation

  • On-site observation and assessment of:

    • Patient access and financial counseling

    • Medical records

    • Business office

    • Cash applications

    • Denials

    • Revenue cycle compliance

  • Careful matching of consultants and directors to your team's unique needs

  • Identification of improvement opportunities

  • Extensive reporting of findings

  • On-site summation of top action items

  • Final in-depth reporting


  • Interim revenue cycle leadership support

  • Compliance and reimbursement implementation solutions

  • Rapid result options

  • Offsite, onsite and online solutions

  • Partnership with over 500 providers nationwide

  • Establishment of key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Decrease in denials

The HRG Quality Difference

HRG's consultants are experienced, seasoned PFS professionals with superior listening and coaching skills. HRG takes the time to understand your facility's unique needs, culture and environment. We are fully invested in your success. 

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