Healthcare Resource Group (HRG) increases business office functionality with our industry-leading technology, proven process flows and U.S. based billing experts specializing in all payers.

We collaborate with you to streamline workflow, eliminate inefficiencies, create clear communication channels, bolster internal staff, and support management.

HRG Client Results

  • Gross AR days for acute care hospitals:  48 days

  • Average collection versus net revenue:  102%

  • Average denial rate for CBO clients: LESS THAN 4.5%

  • average percentage of ar days over 90 days for all cbo clients: 13%

  • HRG account representatives effective action for resolution average TQA scores: 96%


Comprehensive Solutions

  • AR data analysis

  • automated upfront claims eligibility

  • performance management - KPI

  • weekly cash projection reports

  • underpayment review

  • unbilled tracking

  • comprehensive actionable reporting package

  • multiple system expertise HIS & EDI

  • internal quality assurance (QA) team

  • best potential AR metrics performance reporting

  • system conversion assistance




  • loss of revenue

  • AR days

  • improper reimbursements

  • bad debt


  • cash collections

  • account resolution

  • process flow

  • support

The HRG Quality Difference

A dedicated team of experts manage your accounts, work closely with your team and provide prompt problem resolution.


HRG has developed its own proprietary software (Helix™) to maximize productivity through workflow automation and intensive data mining. Our extensive quality assurance program ensures that account touches are meaningful and increase speed to resolution. This allows HRG to quickly reduce your accounts receivable total and increase cash. HRG can seamlessly interface with your system and guarantee your master database is always complete and accurate.


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