Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC)

HRG/ Tanana Chiefs Client (TCC) Case Study/ Fairbanks, Alaska

Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) is an Alaska Native nonprofit corporation, charged with advancing Tribal self-determination and enhancing regional Native unity. TCC focuses on balancing traditional Athabascan and Alaska Native values with modern demands and work toward meeting the health and social service needs of Tribal members and beneficiaries throughout its region.

The TCC region covers an area of 235,000 square miles in interior Alaska, which is equal to about 37 percent of the entire state, and just slightly smaller than the state of Texas. 

Tanana Chiefs Conference provides a unified voice in advancing sovereign tribal governments through the promotion of physical and mental wellness, education, socioeconomic development, and culture of the Interior Alaska Native people.

Business Situation

In 2011 TCC decided they needed external support and expertise to address concerns in the performance of its business office.  At the end of that year, TCC’s leadership enlisted the services of HRG to help them tackle system-wide revenue cycle improvements for their organization.

Although our goal was to bring in more cash through third party revenue, we knew we didn’t have the resources to manage this evolution while maintaining our current operations, so we brought in HRG to help us reach our cash goals.
— Victor Joseph, TCC Health Services Director


TCC selected HRG as a partner because of its depth of knowledge, expertise and proven results on other complex projects.  Coupled with HRG’s ability to work collaboratively and resolve problems while training and building a strong revenue cycle foundation, TCC felt confident that their most significant issues would be resolved with both short term critical fixes and long term sustainable changes. 

  • Goals for the project:

  • Build and reinforce the revenue cycle

  • Educate and train the TCC team

  • Supplement short staffed areas

  • Optimize technology use

Through process and system redesign to eliminate roadblocks and streamline operations, HRG and TCC were extremely successful in achieving the project goals.


In just the first six months of collaborative work between HRG and TCC, the team achieved the below significant revenue cycle improvements:

  • 37% increase in cash collections

  • Patient access error rate reduced from 52% to 15%

  • AR over 90 days dropped 21%

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Molly Bauer