Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District

HRG / Healthland Client Case Study, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District/ Snoqualmie, WA


The Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District is a vibrant, financially healthy and growing organization recognized throughout Washington State for its leadership in its Swing Bed Program, regionally for its cooperation and collaboration with other healthcare institutions, and locally for providing quality care with a personal touch through its 25-bed Critical Access Hospital, emergency department, local clinics and community outreach.

Business Situation

Snoqualmie’s days in accounts receivable was increasing, and they needed assistance managing their days in accounts receivable to an acceptable number. The hospital’s biggest challenge was finding qualified employees with experience in billing for their business office.


Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District made the decision to contract with Healthcare Resource Group (HRG) in 2004. At that time, gross days in accounts receivable was an unsustainable 125 days.  HRG first engaged with Snoqualmie by providing full Central Business Office services. Currently, HRG provides all Central Business Office (CBO) services excluding self-pay and coding.

HRG was efficient in getting the Central Business Office services set up in a timely manner. We have worked with HRG on a plan to reduce days in accounts receivable. HRG has worked with us on the plan and timeline to improve A/R results
— Steve Daniel, Chief Financial Officer, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District



Snoqualmie’s days in AR has remained steady around 50 to 55 days. The total aging over 90 days has consistently met the industry “best practice” target of less than 30%. Denial rate of claims has also consistently met targets of less than 5%. Snoqualmie has an ongoing business relationship with HRG and will migrate to the Healthland Centriq solution in June 2014. Healthland and HRG will jointly monitor Snoqualmie’s revenue cycle performance throughout this transition.

HRG is very cooperative and works with us to resolve issues. I would recommend HRG to other facilities.
— Steve Daniel, Chief Financial Officer, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District


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