Modoc Medical Center

HRG / Healthland Client Case Study, Modoc Medical Center/ Alturas, CA

Modoc Medical Center is a 16-bed Critical Access Hospital providing emergency services, offering family practice medicine and operating a skilled nursing facility in addition to other ancillary services. Modoc Medical Center serves the residents of Alturas, California and the surrounding area, covering about 4,500 square miles. Located in the rural northeastern portion of the state, Modoc County borders Oregon and Nevada and is home to the striking beauty of the Warner Mountains that is distinctive to the region.

Business Situation

Modoc Medical Center was experiencing an increase in accounts receivable days as they struggled to find experienced business office staff. Modoc Medical Center was looking to partner with an organization to help address this problem that could set expectations in a contractual format with defined measures and that had experience with the Healthland solution.


Modoc Medical Center partnered with Healthcare Resource Group (HRG) and began using their services in 2009 for self-pay collections only. In November 2011, Modoc Medical Center contracted with HRG to outsource all its Business Office operations.


In January 2012, Modoc’s Days in Accounts Receivable was 101. With HRG’s help – including billing, follow-up and collection – the number improved to 74 days by the end of March 2014. The total aging greater than 90 days also improved and decreased by 5%. The greatest improvement, however, was the commercial aging over 90 days. The discharged but not billed category showed tremendous improvement from 30.51 days in January 2012 to 7.7 days in February 2014. Denials due to registration errors continue to decline as well. 

During this same period of time Modoc Medical Center was preparing for a migration from the Healthland Classic solution to Centriq. Despite this large project – and even though a brief spike in accounts receivable was experienced - the days continued to decrease. HRG provides detailed monthly reports which are “concise and very informative” per William VanNoy, Chief Financial Officer at Modoc Medical Center.  Kevin Kramer, Chief Executive Officer states “HRG absolutely helped us out immensely. HRG was involved in setting up our master files in Centriq to facilitate proper workflow.”

My experience working with HRG has been positive. They seem open to listening to our concerns and working with us to resolve. There are always issues when outsourcing, but I believe HRG is responsive and willing to work with us to help resolve the issues we do encounter. I would recommend HRG to other potential clients.
— William VanNoy, Chief Financial Officer, Modoc Medical Center

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