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Telehealth: The Future of Medicine?

Recent technological advancements have changed the way we see things, paving the way for the growth of concepts such as telemedicine, or telehealth, in the field of medical technology. Telehealth is a method of providing clinical healthcare to someone from a distance, by the use of telecommunication and information technology.

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HIPAA Certified OR HIPAA Compliant?

In today’s connected world, almost everyone has heard the term HIPAA, or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and has some idea that it’s related to healthcare privacy.  However, some entities tout themselves as being HIPAA Certified. What does that mean, especially to a company looking for this type of certification? 

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ICD-11 Is Coming - Start Preparations Now

The ICD-10 frenzy came and went. Armageddon type reparations were made for the major overhaul ICD-10 brought about. Employers hired extra coding staff in preparation of possible delays while coders adjusted to the higher levels of specificity. Now ICD-11 is coming and preparations have begun. Let’s look at what ICD-11 will bring and how you can be part of the upcoming changes.

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