What's the Big Deal with Being a "Best Place to Work?"

Healthcare Resource Group (HRG) was recently notified by Modern Healthcare, that we had been selected as one of their 2018 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. In 2017 and 2016, we were awarded similar recognitions by Fortune magazine and have been awarded several regional awards for the same reason. This is an honor we are extremely proud of and have worked diligently to achieve. HRG was one of a few healthcare vendors chosen for the Modern Healthcare list, and the only revenue cycle management company included.


Why is it such a big deal for an employer to strive for this honor? The easy answer is that it helps to market said employer. Having the award of a “best place to work” sends a message that “this hospital or company takes care of its people, and therefore will probably take care of me.” Another obvious answer is that having a best place to work award on your shelf makes talent acquisition a little easier and lowers recruitment costs. Good people want to work at good places and word of mouth and reputation are your best recruiting tools.

In striving to achieve these honors, HRG has naturally benefited by becoming a better place for our employees and a more dependable partner for our customers. The term “happy employees equals happy customers” is not just a trendy axiom, but a mantra organizations should live by. 

Greater Productivity

Most innovative business leaders know that engaged workers are more faithful workers. Workers that are treated as valued members of the team and given the opportunity to contribute and grow, will naturally apply themselves harder and achieve better results. Higher productivity results in faster throughput time, leading to lower labor costs and higher patient or customer satisfaction.

Retaining Talent

When your staff enjoys working for your company, they are less likely to move on. Your reputation among potential employment candidates, clients, and other partners is positively impacted by lower attrition rates. Turnover is expensive and always disruptive for an organization. Workers leave a company for a variety of reasons. At HRG, we work on minimizing the reasons to leave and maximizing the reasons to stay. We struggle to offer salary and benefits that remain competitive in Eastern Washington’s flourishing healthcare community, but we have lost very little of our talent over the years. The culture we have established, and the lifestyle we allow our workers, creates loyalty. The offer of a bit sweeter compensation package is less appealing when staff feels like an important and engaged part of the process.

Innovation and Loyalty

Bob Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company has said, “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” HRG has embraced a spirit of innovation and creative problem solving resulting in improvements to efficiency and successful collections. This commitment is driven directly from our teams. We are an employee-owned company whose employees are invested in creating better ways to do things for our customers. Workers find great satisfaction in not just rewards for good performance, but in breaking through the barriers to achieving better results than our competition. It is not uncommon for me, as an executive of the company, to receive daily visits to my office from employees wanting to share ideas for how HRG can resolve more accounts, automate manual processes, and develop new lines of service to help our rural healthcare partners achieve their goals. These ideas are vetted, fine-tuned, and implemented on a regular basis with recognition and rewards at our regular meetings. How powerful is it that every worker is committed to looking for ways to improve?  Imagine how that culture could help you with patient satisfaction scores and in reaching financial goals.

In healthcare, patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes are the measures of success by which organizations are judged. We can invest in the best technology and implement cutting-edge processes only to wind up falling dismally short due to disengaged and unhappy staff. Striving to be a “best place to work” is a noble goal we as leaders should authentically strive for in our long-term planning and our day-to-day operations. It’s not something we can peddle and provide lip service to.  Working to build a culture of innovation and loyalty creates trust. Trust builds commitment. Commitment results in excellence, and excellence affords incredible results.

The article announcing the alphabetical list of those who made 2018's list can be found here. This fall, Modern Healthcare will release the list in order. 


Greg West


Greg has over 24 years of healthcare management experience working closely with clinics, hospitals, vendors, and insurance carriers. Greg's expertise in revenue cycle process improvement, payer contracting, patient collections, and team building has made him one of today's voices of the healthcare industry. 

Greg is actively involved with HFMA, AAHAM, and MGMA and has served as a Board Member for both the Washington Chapter of HFMA and the Inland Empire Chapter of AAHAM.