2019 Charge Master (CDM) Updates

American Medical Association (AMA)

The AMA changed 335 codes for 2019, to reflect scientific and technological advances in medical, surgical, and diagnostic services. Several new codes reflect the possibility of using connected health tools and other new delivery systems to improve healthcare quality.

Key changes include:

  • New and revised codes for skin biopsy, fine needle aspiration biopsy, adaptive behavior analysis, and central nervous system evaluations, including psychological and neuropsychological testing

  • Three more remote patient monitoring codes

  • Two inter-professional internet consultation codes

(Note: New CPT category 1 codes go into effect January 1, 2019. All deleted codes used must cease on December 31, 2018.)


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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

CMS released 374 2019 HCPCs Level II changes, which included 228 new codes and modifiers, 49 discontinued codes and modifiers, 95 changed codes and modifiers, and 1 code with a coverage change.

Key modifications include:

  • Changes to Medicaid screening and documentation codes, plus many new injectable drugs

  • New G codes include telehealth, evaluation and management, and quality measures

(Note: Additional 2019 HCPCs Level II changes are included on the next page {Other Relevant 2019 Information"])

American Dental Association (ADA)

The ADA made 19 code changes to the CPT 2019 code line up. There are 15 new codes and 4 deleted codes.

(Note: The CDT 2019 will become effective for most insurers on January 1, 2019)


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Kerry Luciani


Kerry has over 30 years of healthcare revenue cycle management experience on both the payer and provider side. Over the course of his career, Kerry has developed an abundance of expertise in Medicare Part B reimbursement and has published several comments in the Federal Register.


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