Sustaining Performance In The Face Of Rapid Growth


As Healthcare Resource Group's COO I am constantly seeking to improve my leadership and our company’s success which both lead to even greater results for our clients.  Our accelerated growth has presented me with many opportunities for change and many challenges. 

In any business having short term success is not the benchmark we want to measure ourselves against.  Instead we want to measure ourselves based on long term success and being able to sustain a high service level, a growth in shareholder value, and making a difference in people’s lives. 

In reading all the former “best practices for the revenue cycle” information I was left a little dismayed of how one team could possibly achieve all the recommended processes and still deal with the ever present day to day fires and challenges.  I set out to get real life examples from individuals and revenue cycle teams who have achieved sustained success. 

The presentation below chronicles the first 12 facilities I visited and researched.  Thank you to all who gave of their time to let me into their world and shed some light to help all of us achieve that critical goal of long term success for our facility and our community; 



Greg West

President and Chief Operating Officer for Healthcare Resource Group Inc. 

Greg has over 24 years of healthcare management experience working closely with clinics, hospitals, vendors, and insurance carriers. Greg's expertise in revenue cycle process improvement, payer contracting, patient collections, and team building has made him one of today's voices of the healthcare industry. 

Greg is actively involved with HFMA, AAHAM, and MGMA and has served as a Board Member for both the Washington Chapter of HFMA and the Inland Empire Chapter of AAHAM.