Communication: Key To A Successful Partnership

Creating a successful OutPartnering™ relationship depends greatly on finding a partner that you have synergy with, one who is in it for the long run.  When engaging with a new partner focus on meeting your immediate objectives for today but also ensure that you have goals for future growth. 

Productive and lasting relationships can be enhanced through regular meetings with your vendor.  Weekly or bi-weekly meetings via conference call can allow both parties to voice concerns, find resolution to current issues, find opportunities for improvement and establish common goals for the future as well as celebrate successes.  This is a time to ensure that there is a firm understanding of each other’s expectations.  Quarterly face to face meetings help to solidify the relationship.

You should plan to visit the operations center to visualize the work being completed on your behalf.  Visit at least once per year and get to know those who are working with your patients and payers.  Ask your OutPartner to show you the process. This will offer you the insight you need to understand that they are doing what you asked them to do and what they promised during the selection process.  


Setting accessibility guidelines help to enhance your relationship.  It is very important that you have access to the team that will be managing your business. Conversely it is important that the OutPartner you choose also has access to the decision makers within your facility.  Communication can suffer if either party is not available within a reasonable time frame.  When both parties are open to accessibility, communication issues can be resolved immediately and patient satisfaction will benefit from that communication accessibility.

Share your expectations as well as your philosophy regarding customer service and collections processes.  Allow your OutPartner access to your current policies to ensure that your facility’s mission, culture and vision are clear.  Be open to suggestions; there may be areas that require review based upon the current regulatory environment, future rules and guidelines or based upon past successes observed by your OutPartner.

Choosing the right company to OutPartner with can be the single best decision that you make this year if they can truly be your partner.  Frequent and meaningful communications are key to successful vendor relations.  With leadership teams on both sides supporting the relationship, it is much more likely to succeed.  

Kimberly Moore

Revenue Cycle - Special Projects Specialist


Kimberly Moore has over twenty-five years of revenue cycle experience with expertise in patient access, billing, denials management, self-pay collections, reporting, value mapping, KPI development, and process improvement. Kim has worked closely with HRG's Extended Business Office team and healthcare providers throughout the Inland Northwest.


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