About Alexis


Alexis Roberson

Business Development Associate

Healthcare Experience: 21 years
Memberships:  NorCal HFMA
Email: aroberson@hrgpros.com


How did you get started in healthcare? 

I started in medical billing and staffing before becoming part of HRG's business development team. I knew right away that I would love being a business development associate because customer service and client relations is something I’ve always been passionate about.  


Why are passionate about Healthcare?

I spent 15 years in hospital billing offices and saw firsthand the need for outside help. It is rewarding to be able to help with facilities juggling being understaffed, over-worked, and not always having the bandwidth to root out the cause of denials. That is where our team is excellent and has the resources and people power to help the hospitals get ahead and figure out issues quickly and efficiently. 


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love art, going to the beach, traveling, and spending time with my kids.


If you could be a superhero who would it be & why? 

I would be Black Widow from the Avengers. She is strong, confident, nearly fearless, and cares deeply for the sake of the world.


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