Critical Access Hospitals Face Critical Challenges

  • Maximize Reimbursements:  HRG helps you to maximizing reimbursement by improving your claim submission accuracy to minimizing denials, tracking and trending payer issues and ensuring payments are within expectations.
  • Minimize Cost: HRG's OutPartnering center can work your accounts with the accuracy needed to efficiently decrease labor cost and the need to hire for specific expertise at your facility.
  • Improve Efficiency: HRG helps to organize your AR so that you can identify revenue trends, cash projections, denial reasons and net to gross collections.  Each of these help you quickly identify problem areas in your business office to make efficiency improvements.
  • Enhance Patients' Experience with Your Hospital: HRG's team of specialists can give you more predictable and timely processing and provide self-pay billing options to your patients.  This consistency ensures your patients are happy and allow you more time to focus on patient care.
Complete care for CAHs. HRG Specializes in the unique needs of critical access and rural hospitals.

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