Physician Documentation Audit

Healthcare Resource Group (HRG) teaches your physicians and coding staff to assign accurate evaluation and management levels every time.  ICD-10 specificity requires physicians to document specific diagnostic and procedural terms. HRG's physician documentation audit, with follow-up education, will make this a reality.

Better physician documentation is achieved when using better D.E.S.C.riptions.

Detail. Exactness. Specificity. Completeness. (D.E.S.C.)

Physician Documentation Audit Services

  • Audit and review of physician's documentation 
  • Physician documentation training and education
  • Physician buy-in and engagement plan

Physician Documentation Audit Comprehensive Solutions

  • Clinical documentation accuracy evaluation
  • Identification of improvement opportunities
  • Clear, accurate findings report
  • Review, audits and reporting follow-up

Physician Documentation Audit Benefits

  • Improvement of physician documentation
  • Optimal documentation = optimal coding = optimal reimbursement
  • Building a better communication bridge between physicians and coders
  • Decreasing denials
  • Revenue cycle optimization

The HRG Quality Difference

HRG consultants are certified professional fee coding and auditing experts. They are experienced, seasoned Health Information Management (HIM) professionals, with superior listening and coaching skills. HRG takes the time to understand your facility's unique needs, culture and environment. 

Ready to maximize your physician documentation and e/m levels?