Providing the industry standard for healthcare revenue cycle services and enabling our clients to thrive in their mission of patient centered care.

HRG Fast Facts:

» Company Founded in 1994
» Employee-Owned Since 2005
» Over 400 Active Employees

HRG Culture and Passions

The employee-owners and leaders who have made HRG successful have done so with a spirit of passion for the work that they do.  We are about working hard and providing great client delight and it’s this passion that has made us successful and helped us to grow and create the culture that exists at HRG today.  As we continue to grow, we look to carry on with that same spirit so that the work we do is meaningful and a difference in service is felt by our clients.  The theme of passion can be found in all of our value statements and are aptly named passions.


We strive to do the right thing and uphold the highest ethical and professional standards and act with owner accountability and transparency.  We behave in an open, honest and accountable way in order to earn trust in everything we do.  We own our actions, correct our mistakes and learn from our experience.

Client Delight

We believe that 'client delight' means going beyond client expectations and satisfaction to deliver the unexpected.  Our success is all about exceptional client service and although client delight is difficult to measure and quantify, it is always felt when it happens!


We work to astound our clients with the quality and timeliness of our services.  We value action and decisiveness and recognize that the best opportunities come to those who act quickly.  We are proactive and we look ahead in order to prevent issues before they arise.

Collaboration (Teamwork)

Everyone at HRG makes a difference and their contributions are valued.  We take joint responsibility through teamwork and support and rely on each other in order to succeed.  We reach our goals by empowering employee-owners to work collaboratively. 


We work to create a respectful and meaningful workplace, characterized by honest, direct and relevant communication.  We promote an environment where people are valued and rewarded on the basis of their efforts and ideas, without regard to race, gender or creed.


We continually seek to improve our services and expertise.  We are committed to an environment characterized by continuous learning, a can-do spirit and a team orientation.  We want our people to soar.


We know that if everyone enjoys their work they’ll do it better, and our clients will feel the difference!  We value a supportive, laughter-filled environment where people support one another.

We're In It Together

As an employee-owned company, every worker shares in our success. This working partnership proves to be a great benefit to our clients as well, because each individual at HRG is committed to doing the best job they can possibly do.


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